Personality based on shoes. What does shoes tell about your personality?

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Women ‘s eyes instantly shines when it comes to buying shoes or bags, or being able to stock up on a variety of shoes. Men’s, on the other hand, drive you to get over your shoe shopping as quickly as possible and spend less time in the store to pick and choose. However, 90 percent of people’s personality is reflected in their choice of shoes.
In conclusion a study was conducted at an American university asking 63 students to analyze the character of 208 people based on their shoes. They had to figure out the gender, age, social status and certain characteristics of the footwear.

You will be surprised: 90% of the students were able to give an accurate character just because they saw the shoes!

In addition we collected some example personality traits.

You are an emotionally stable person who craves little. We can also say that you are standing on the ground with two feet.

Converse Style:
You are a pleasant company, but sometimes you are overbearing and judgmental. You represent the “eternal adolescent” prototype, and as you know, it has its advantages and disadvantages.

Latest Fashion Shoes:
You’re kind and thoughtful, and what no one would think of you is conservative. Yeah, and of course you’re well off financially.

Rustic boots:
You tend to aggression, you are silent and arrogant, a little mistrustful, but very smart and sensitive.

High-heeled shoes:
If you like to wearing high heeled shoes you are confident, love to be noticed, though you can be a little whimsical. Even so, you get everything you want and move forward with confidence.

Sole shoes:
You are a social being who swiftly rotates between people. Social networking is your world, all day on Facebook, Twitter, etc. hang out.

Comfortable Shoes:
If you like this type of shoe which feels comfortable, it means that you are a very nice and relaxed character who can express yourself without exaggeration.

Shiny, expensive Shoes:
You’re a calm character. You like this type of shoe, even though it’s not very comfortable. You love diversity and you like your turn.

To help you understand yourself is a good way to test yourself. Need to understand the difference by four Personality and recognizing what is characteristic for you. Check out this test from

And now it’s your turn: tell us which shoe suits you best! What does your shoes tell about your personality?
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