What are the best, comfortable safety shoes?


The sizes of the shoes varies in most cases greatly different from manufacturers. Unfortunately, manufacturers provide only size charts for confection, so maybe you’re best choice to start with your current shoe size. It may be also helpful to measure your feet, making it easier to choose the right size for the first time.

It’s very important by measuring your foot, to put your foot on your body weight at the end of the day, in socks you normally use for work.

Choosing the perfect size is the key, choosing the right shoe for much more comfort, good posture, prevents back and joint problems. Without a proper fit, your feet will get tired very quickly and easily on working days, and in extreme cases can become blistering. When it comes to buy safety shoes, we always recommend that you chooes maybe a little bit larger size.

What are the best safety shoes?

For most of us, safety and protective clothing is a necessary and essential part of everyday life or work. Most people spend 8-10, or even 16 hours wearing safety shoes on their feet.

This is why it’s essential that safety shoes not only comply with safety regulations but also be comfortable.

It’s not easy to choose from many offers these days, and there are many manufacturers and product lines. Each manufacturer uses its own unique solutions and technologies. There are significant differences between product lines of a given manufacturer that completely confuse less experienced customers.

Experiences has shown that there are three key factors when buying safety shoes – One is the degree of protection level, second is the comfort and the third is the design.

We try to steer everyone in the right direction and always try to offer the best alternatives, products that are better, gives you great design, protection, and more comfortable. we hope we can provide enough information to help you find the best shoes for your needs.


It”s essential that your safety shoe fit perfectly with your feet, support your feet properly, support your movement and posture. Of course, this doesn’t mean that safety standards do not have to be met. Our Safety is first so be sure you always choose the right shoes for the work, with the right protection level! Never sacrifice fashion for comfort and / or safety.


Nowadays, hundreds of varieties of raw materials are available in different compositions and manufacturers are trying to use new, innovative solutions. The new microfiber leather blend tops are much more wear resistant, harder to break and require less care.

There is no need to be afraid of safety shoes with synthetic fibers. These modern materials are an excellent alternative to the already very expensive animal skin products.

Is the nose or heel of your shoe heavily loaded?

Well yes, it is quite common for some part of a safety shoe to be subjected to extreme stress, but nowadays, even in such cases, you do not have to look for new shoes every six months. A rubberized, abrasion-resistant nose pad or PU side reinforcement could be a perfect solution. Manufacturers are paying more and more attention to specific needs, so you will find the perfect piece for you.


A total of 8 + 4 degrees of protection are distinguished, but generally 4-5 are actually in use. So there really aren’t that many options, but it’s worth checking out what exactly it means.

Safety Footwear Standards: EN345 / EN ISO 20345:2007 / EN ISO 20345:2011/EN ISO 20347:2011 

Unfortunately, it’s often the problem that the company’s occupational safety specialist does not properly inform employees or gives them wrong information about safety shoe needs.

It’s important to know that there can be found always specific safety shoes for the most needs. Obviously, as a customer you may not know all the products, but check our offers here.

If you are still uncertain, feel free to contact our support team, where our expert colleagues will be happy to help you find the best shoe for you.

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