Coronavirus: Package from China?

Coronavirus package from China? Can Coronavirus Infect Through Packages Ordered From bestshoes4u? Will packages ordered from China continue to be delivered due to the corona virus?

Coronavirus package delivery news.

Coronavirus: Package from China?

(2020 March 16)

There is still parcel delivery from major Chinese web stores (AliExpress, GearBest, Banggood), but newer products can be delayed by several months too.

We receive numerous e-mail questions daily about the status of packages we have already ordered. We ask everyone to be patient and wait for the shipment or cancel the order if you cannot wait. In this case, it’s completely unnecessary for us to write to us weekly as we cannot accelerate delivery. Thank you and we wish you continued success!

The Coronavirus.

I think almost everyone has heard that recently in Wuhan, China, 20 kilometers from the virus research institute, the dangerous corona virus, has been reported in the local market.

Since then, the virus has appeared in Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam, Nepal, France, Australia and even the United States.

The Chinese have begun to take significant steps to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Traffic from Wuhan and other cities affected by the virus is now closed, limiting millions of people to their travel freedom. Traffic from Wuhan and other cities affected by the virus is now closed, limiting millions of people to their travel freedom.

Can I be infected with coronavirus through packages ordered from bestshoes4u?

Coronavirus: Package from China?

My answer to that is yes and no, of course I will explain it. Because many European epidemiologists have already tested the coronavirus and as it turned out, the virus can survive only for a few hours on various surfaces, such as paper, textil or metal.

Because products ordered from our webshop usually arrive after several weeks, even if the package were infected with coronavirus, the virus would certainly not survive this long.

We can greatly reduce the risk of infection if we do not order packages in a few days for fast delivery.

If you want to order packages, we can continue to do so safely by choosing the general multi-week delivery method.

Accordingly, with the standard multi-week shipping method, we can still order packages Coronavirus does not Infect Through Packages, it has a very low risk. So the small yellow packages and envelopes that you are familiar with will almost certainly be no problem.

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Coronavirus: Package from China?
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