How to choose the best shoe?

How to choose the best shoes?

Shoes are often the most important part of our look, which can make even the simplest assembly possible. The special shape of the shoe, the interesting color combinations or simply the most trendy or classic – all are great ways to stand out from the crowd. However, it’s also worth paying attention to the practical side – a shoe should look good, but it’s also important that the foot is properly positioned and that the shoe does not start or break!


Choose the right one.

Before you buy your dream shoe, you should familiarize yourself with some basic rules that will reduce the risk of choosing the wrong size. Proper foot weighing is essential. You can do this very easily – just get a checkered sheet, pen, ruler or tape measure. Then stand with one foot on the card, mark where your heel is, and also the point at the beginning of your longest toe. Then connect these points to a straight ruler and measure them. This gives you the size of your foot in centimeters, but it is worth approx. Wear 0.5 cm longer shoes. It is important to keep both feet flat as their lengths may differ. In this case, choose a longer size.

Choose your Size.

When shopping online, you need to know that the size of each shoe manufacturer is different (for example, Nike size 44 shoes may differ from Lacoste size 44 shoes). When choosing a size, keep in mind the individual size charts for each brand that you find on each product page.

So How to choose the perfect shoe? If you are planning to buy shoes for someone else or your child, you can mark the length of your foot on a wand. When you buy shoes, it is enough to match the wand to the model you have chosen and you already have the right size.
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