Are LED Shoes, sneakers good or not?

LED in the shoe sole? What an Idea!

Surely many of us remember the big throw of the ’90s, the luminous Light up or LED shoes. It was the coolest trend but shortly its popularity has dropped. Many company is now trying to revive 25-year-old fashion in a pretty trendy fashion.

LED Shoes, Lightning Shoes, Sneakers

Officially operating today, LA Gear invented and manufactured the luminous soles that were quickly copied by many well-known and no-name manufacturers. Whoever had a LED Shoe walked with pleasure in the shoes, or liked to press the sole of the shoe. 1992 saw the company’s most successful product, L.A. for Kids Lights, of which 5 million units are sold annually. L.A. for adults Tech specifically meant basketball shoes. When a player jumps to throw, the spring force required to kick on turns on the LED and blinks during the jump.

LED Shoes Refashioned?

Let’s talk about those kids who wore those LED sneakers in the 1990s. They grow up, today this trend that came and will not go away. It may seem quaint to say this, but those sneakers were the first electronic gadgets many of those kids ever possessed. Accordingly, LED sneakers enjoying a good popularity today. Many of those now-grown kids feel they’d like to re-capture a bit of that magic. Or at least be able to buy a safe pair for their kids.

LED lighting is available moistly in 7 colors, which actually means eight models: red, blue, green, purple, turquoise, yellow and white. In addition, a flashing version containing all colors is available. The shoes have a built-in USB connector, that allows them to be recharged and lasts up to 6 hours on a charge.

What do you think about the LED shoes?

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